Yours Truly

Passionate, Frank, Honest, Emotional, Possessive, Competitive, Impulsive, at times Self-Destructive, Short-Tempered, Shy, Loyal, and yet Innately Good.

Who am I? –Everyone grapples with this question from time to time. Very few find an answers. But this question does form the basis of all human endeavors – small or grand.

In order to find out who am I, I’ve done all kinds of interesting things without the fear of failure. The reason is my infallible belief that life isn’t defined by education or profession.  It’s a thought process. It’s an accumulation of experiential patterns. Irrespective of whether it’s technology, economics, or business.

Consequently I bring a lot of unbridled passion, honesty, and eclectic experiences to the table. I love figuring out the arcane, identifying patterns, or creating/building things. And so, new concepts, theories, and ideas in any stream mesmerize me.  My interests (not necessarily in the same order) are:

  • Mysteries & Puzzles
  • Sociology & Anthropology
  • Ancient history & Archaeology
  • Religion
  • Fine arts & Literature
  • Mathematics & Physics
  • Architecture (not the software kind)
  • Science Fiction

You will notice the undercurrent of these topics in everything that I do; the books that I read; the music I listen to; the places I visit. That’s all there is to me.

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