Such joys of the corporate environment

The problem with the traditional brick-and-mortar model is that it considers all activities to be process based and liner in nature. That is good for manufacturing products – like shoes or condoms.

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Anna asks us, what will you do then…?

“Dhara bech denge, gagan bech denge, kali bech denge, chaman bech denge; Kalam ke pujari agar so gaye toh, Sansad ke juari watan bech denge; Us waqt aap kya karenge?”

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Pride & Prejudice – My eating habit is better than yours

Traditions and customs are sacred and profound for humans. Whether we like it or not, we invariably live under the auspices of our traditions – consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, when discussing a tradition which is not one’s own, it is wise to maintain a “political correctness” and formal politeness. Atleast this is my philosophy.

However, some time we meet folks who not only lack the understanding or appreciation of another culture or tradition, but also view it from the prism of their own background which obviously they hold in very high esteem. Whatever be the reasons, these kinds of people make really bad company. Interesting? Click here to read more...

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जो लहर आएगी वह कुछ देकर ही जाएगी

जो लहर आएगी वह कुछ देकर ही जाएगी
मानव तुम डरना मत जीवन की इन लेहेरों से
मत छोड़ना बनाना घरोंदें इन सागर के किनारों पे

यह लहर तेरा घर तो तोड़ जाएगी
पर शंख मोती मणि सब तेरे लिए छोड़ जाएगी
घर तेरा भले ही बिखर जाए कला न तेरी जाएगी
लेकिन अगर छोड़ दिया बनाना तुमने तो यह ज़िन्दगी पचताएगी
जो लहर आएगी वह कुछ देकर ही जाएगी Interesting? Click here to read more...

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Bombay Riots

एक दर्द भरी पुकार कोई देता है, हम खड़े खड़े यह सोचते हैं
यह कौन बुलाता जाता है, हम कौन इसके लगते है
वह रक्त में है लतपत, हमे इससे क्या है मतलब
हो खून या हो पानी, अपनी तो अच्छी है ज़िन्दगानी

फिर हमको क्या मतलब, कौन सा गुलशन उजड़ता है
किस कली की लुटती है जवानी
हम तो एक दम ठीक हैं हमारे साथ कोई बात नहीं
दुसरे का दर्द समझने के लिए, हमारे पास जज़्बात नहीं Interesting? Click here to read more...

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Cycle of life…

Once I was thinking about the twist and turns of life, and some thoughts came into my mind. This is a compilation of those thoughts (albeit incomplete).

Nine months in a cage spent, don’t know how the days came and went

And then by his heavenly grace, showed the world my new born face

My arrival was such a cheer, papa’s darling mama’s dear

The whole family in a state of commotion, the beating of hearts a frenzied motion

But poor people they did not know, that what one reaps is what one sows Interesting? Click here to read more...

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The river flowed silently…

Once heard this Johnny Cash number, “You are my sunshine”.  Wrote a poem using those lines, just with a different twist.

Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust; Dear look into my eyes and you’ll know whom to trust 

If love was something that money could buy, the rich would have lived and the poor would have died

Don’t leave me like this, don’t go I pray, don’t break my heart that’s all I say,

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine; you make me happy when skies are gray Interesting? Click here to read more...

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Melancholy, unhappiness, and sorrow;
will fly by in the face of tomorrow,
Gone will be the winter of gloom and despair;
and the heavens will bring forth a breath of fresh air,
Go my beloved and I hope that you know;
that the love which we had continues to grow,
Come hail or storm, I know its guarded;
by the warmth of our love and memories discarded,
Each little tendril and tiny leaves;
reminds me of the promises and dreams we’ve weaved,
This is the support on which I am living;
and the hope to see you soon, my all I am giving. Interesting? Click here to read more...

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Life – My Definition

I wonder today what life could be.
It could be a pack of cards with aces all for me.

It could be an endless beach of fortunes and treasures troves,
Or, it could be a lonely island with visitors…only doves.

It could be a dense jungle, with beasts prowling by,
Or, it could be rising citadel with limits only the sky.

It could be witches chamber where spells are cast on you,
Or it could be helping hand, guiding you all the way through.

It could be a beauty’s touch, your passions all increase,
Or it could be a saint’s blessing your lust for the world decrease. Interesting? Click here to read more...

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High Rise Grave

Far above the ground, a high rises lonely balcony…he sits
On the top but all alone

Fresh air, clean air…no fragrance
He watches the sun go down,
And looks at the people on the ground
Dwarfed by the distance, crawling like insects
He has risen from that dust and grind
On the top but all alone

But, he is happy to be there,
Alone…solitude…no conversations…no interactions…
No hustle-bustle…no pains.

Listens to the music of a far off land
Seems familiar but he can’t remember
Some faces float before him,
Eroded by the sands of time
He tries to relate them, but the shinning lights blur them
He sits and watches the lights of this big city
On the top but all alone Interesting? Click here to read more...

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