The Importance of being an Indian Communist

Right at the onset let me say that I have great respect for Bengalis and this article is in no way meant to ridicule or belittle West Bengal’s (WB) great cultural heritage and its proud yet polite “Bhadra Lok”. Gopalkrishna Gokhale said that “what Bengal thinks today, the rest of India thinks tomorrow”. So if West Bengal gets bird flu today, India will perhaps suffer from SARS tomorrow.

I am not a great political watcher – there are many talented pundits out there – but I do follow national politics. And, I am very intrigued by the communist (and its many different flavors) in India. I will from here onwards call them the communists. Interesting? Click here to read more...

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Journalism at its Worst

I read this article at, I am absolutely incensed with the comments made by the author and I am amazed that the editors of NDTV have allowed this to be published. Perhaps, they also believe in the same concepts that the author presents in this article.

Absolutely tragic!! So much for value based journalism.

I think that one must try to stick to one’s core competencies; therefore I believe the author should stick to writing columns on defense and allied fields rather than comment on the socio-political crisis that besiege our country. Let’s leave that to the experts. Secondly, being a columnist requires a high degree of objectivity and neutrality. This column somehow gives the reader an impression about the author’s personal bias rather than his objectivity. Interesting? Click here to read more...

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Death of a Nation-State – Elegy for Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh chief minister and head of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Mayawati sent her private jet to pick up a pair of sandals, according to leaked US diplomatic cables. US embassy cables from 2007 to 2009 released by the WikiLeaks website in recent days describe Mayawati, 55, as “a first-rate egomaniac” who “is obsessed with becoming prime minister”.

Uttar Pradesh (UP) has been the one of the jewels in India’s crown for a long time. Apart from the historical and religious hotspots that dot this land, it’s also been center stage for national politics, independence related activism, education and intellectualism. The important phases of the Indian

and this sub-continent’s history can be traced back to this state/region. Some of the most influential and gifted statesmen/stateswomen, authors, poets, scientists, educationist, intellectuals, and celebrities have their roots or moorings in this state.
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Indian IT Industry & The dumbing down of an Indian!!

The emergence of Indian IT Industry– The dumbing down of an Indian!!

My nephew wants to be like me when he grows up. All fancy high-tech gadgets, flying around the world, comparatively richer and all that pizzazz. How I wish he wouldn’t be like me!!

Who am I? I am a software engineer in the Indian IT Industry. Yes, you read it right, a “Software Engineer”, the folks who are currently perceived in India, with the world at their feet and a halo around their heads. It’s not my nephew’s fault as almost everybody sees the glitz and glamour associated with my profession. I (personally), see my state and the state of things around me. I see a future, which to be honest; I don’t like and don’t want to see either.

I grew up admiring those who were intellectuals and those who were rich. So, when the time came to decide what I wanted to be when I grow up – I decided I wanted to be intellectual and wealthy (I&W). During the early nineties when I got into engineering school I opted for electronics as my specialization, because I heard that it was the toughest (making me an intellectual) and had the best prospects for the future (making me wealthy). Perfect plan! Interesting? Click here to read more...

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