Cycle of life…

Once I was thinking about the twist and turns of life, and some thoughts came into my mind. This is a compilation of those thoughts (albeit incomplete).

Nine months in a cage spent, don’t know how the days came and went

And then by his heavenly grace, showed the world my new born face

My arrival was such a cheer, papa’s darling mama’s dear

The whole family in a state of commotion, the beating of hearts a frenzied motion

But poor people they did not know, that what one reaps is what one sows

‘Cause that’s why I had come, to clear my debts and previous scum

Happiness and joy was all exterior, that falsity of life was my birth’s interior

They meant nothing for me, my days of infancy

But for mom and dad, it was a time of joy and fancy

As for me, the days rolled by, I began to crawl and time began to fly

And by a guiding finger and a helping hand, on the face of earth I began to stand

Chocolate candies and everything good, welcome to the wonderful world of childhood

Started to learn and started to see, sounds, pictures, ABC

Began to respond and started to acknowledge, no one could fathom the depth of my knowledge

“Very intelligent” they said to my dad, but no one knew what in store my destiny had

Away from nannies and flower gardens, into school from kindergarten

Silently ran life’s clock, out went the dolls, in came the building block

Shiny cars and fighter planes, Lego sets and working cranes

Little friends and all their ilk; honey cookies and thick rich milk

Nothing could have been better than this; childhood but is a ribbon of silk

Laughing dancing came the age of adolescence; I did not know but this was the end of innocence

Youth came with rain and thunder; I looked around and began to wonder,

Life for me was the play and fun; but I saw people sweating in the blazing sun

For me life is this, life is here, life is now; but I saw people unhappy and wondered how?

The terrible teens was all behind me, the pain and wounds were all inside me,

But I felt like a lion raring to go; to the world my brilliance show

The flowers of imagination all unfurled; with all this power I could take on the world

But destiny had intended something more for me; in the fit of myopia the distance I could not see

So time had come to face life’s intensity; left school and entered university




One day in sarcasm I replied to my dad

 “all that you have done for me out of this blue”,

“is surely a debt on me from you”

“Thank you for all that you have done, and I will surely repay before your set of sun”

Shocked he was, but replied in the mildest tone he had

“Son there is no relation of money, between a son and his dad”

“Surely what I have done for you is a debt, but you dont need to pay me, pay to your kids instead ”

Few years later my dear old daddy died; Yet, I’m sure I heard him laughing, when my new born baby cried.

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