Melancholy, unhappiness, and sorrow;
will fly by in the face of tomorrow,
Gone will be the winter of gloom and despair;
and the heavens will bring forth a breath of fresh air,
Go my beloved and I hope that you know;
that the love which we had continues to grow,
Come hail or storm, I know its guarded;
by the warmth of our love and memories discarded,
Each little tendril and tiny leaves;
reminds me of the promises and dreams we’ve weaved,
This is the support on which I am living;
and the hope to see you soon, my all I am giving.

I know that I was a burden on you, my love;
so I letting you go with all my love
With one single hope in mind;
that in your busy life some moments you find
When you think back on all those days; a time of a different kind,
Let memories your mind fill and sorrow your heart overfill,
The clock, let in the past ply; the hours run and minutes fly,
And I hope you recollect my dear; a lonely soul that sheds tears,
I hope you remember me in your memory’s flight,
A lonely soul, on a lonely corner under a lonely streetlight

I wait for you my dear; hope the darkness goes and the storm clears
I watch the road which to you leads; the candle of my life this waiting feeds

With all my hopes pinned on tomorrow; I relive my past in todays
And I pray to God that they come together; all my parted ways
I don’t know what tomorrow holds; or how the future will unfold,
But still I hope for some better day, and those that have parted their separate way,
Shall meet once again on some sunny day.

You should return, you will, you must
‘Cause the lord above with my all I trust.

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