Java Threads & Voyager Spacecrafts

Sometimes you know things happen, people move on, get separated, but life has its chords running. Just like threads in a java program, some of those threads don”™t die or can”™t be terminated. They just keep running continuously in the background, doing what they were originally intended to do. The program may be terminated but the threads keep running taking resources and a lot of memory space.

It”™s so amazing to think about it all and the only feeling one gets is of awe and wonder. Things get antiquated and obsolete. But like the voyager, which moved out of our solar system, it just keeps sending pictures of what it sees and what it has passed. And we for generations will have to deal with the magnitude of the information that our own threads running out there will provide us someday.


You asked me what I was thinking and I said I was concentrating. I was!! I was accepting and filing away systematically the pictures that my voyager was sending to me. It was nothing; it was a thread running away with no brains and no emotions, just doing what it was originally meant to do. At least, it does its job better than we do!! Right??

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