Journalism at its Worst

I read this article at, I am absolutely incensed with the comments made by the author and I am amazed that the editors of NDTV have allowed this to be published. Perhaps, they also believe in the same concepts that the author presents in this article.

Absolutely tragic!! So much for value based journalism.

I think that one must try to stick to one’s core competencies; therefore I believe the author should stick to writing columns on defense and allied fields rather than comment on the socio-political crisis that besiege our country. Let’s leave that to the experts. Secondly, being a columnist requires a high degree of objectivity and neutrality. This column somehow gives the reader an impression about the author’s personal bias rather than his objectivity.

I tried to post my comments on website but I guess they don’t like me or the maybe my comment is too huge for the website. Anyways, I am posting my comments on this article here.

The migrant from UP and Bihar is different, part of it is his socio-economic makeup, the way he behaves in a small group and his behaviour when he has the numbers are completely different” – It seems as if describing an insect on discovery channel.

The UP Bihari migrants, many say, are hard working, a subtle way of saying that Maharashtrians are not. It isn’t so simple, the migrants are hardworking sure they are, but the reason why they are making the most of lower end jobs, lets say in Haryana, is because the average Haryanvi enjoys a better standard of living, education and thus expectations than your migrant. ” – I am impressed with the egotistical and yet egalitarian standards. Just because Haryana is rich doesn’t mean that local people there have a right to not do work and then crib about other folks who are not as privileged as them coming in and taking their jobs. Its business, this concept works across the world, ask the IT services head honchos who are making their millions on this concept.

Tamil Nadu has a population of 42 million, its birth rate is 1.2 per cent, it is acknowledged as a well governed part of the country, UP has a population in excess of 200 million! its birth rate is double that of Tamil Nadu , and doesn’t look as if its slowing down anytime soon.” – so is this a proposition to do a “Sanjay Gandhi” on UP and Bihar? Yes, why not? In the author’s scheme of things the underprivileged and poor are expendable. Maybe that way the rich people of Haryana, Punjab, and Maharashtra would have more space to live in. While the rest of the intelligentsia is worried sick about the balkanization of India, the author seems to be already talking about ethnic cleansing.

In poured millions of migrants from India, they were welcomed as the men who had led the struggle for a separate Muslim homeland, but the resentment from the local Sindhi’s soon boiled over, the Muhajirs soon cornered all the government jobs because they had an advantage” – So the author compares these poor migrants to refugees that moved to Pakistan because of their faith demanded it. It doesn’t dawn on the author that these migrants are currently refugees in their own country. That’s a thing to be embarrassed about and a time for action not apathy.

In a democratic society, each one has the rights to express and exert his or her political views and the numbers count in democracy. It’s the same situation in all democracies including India. So if there are numbers in Mumbai, Haryana or Punjab, those numbers will hold sway and will let their presence be known. That’s democracy; let’s learn to live with it.

The people of Indian origins are fighting to be recognized in other parts of the world as well. So, maybe other countries should stop any more of their “kind” to enter. I wonder what would happen to the Punjabis in Canada, UK, and NZ who celebrate their lohri and baisakhi with equal fervor. I wonder what would happen to Tamils in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

These “migrants” are the same people like us with hopes, aspiration, and dreams of a better life but maybe with far lesser capabilities or resources to achieve them. Just because we are better off, it doesn’t give us the right to make fun, humiliate, isolate, or brow-beat them.

Today it’s UP and Bihar, tomorrow it could be your community or state.

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