Life – My Definition

I wonder today what life could be.
It could be a pack of cards with aces all for me.

It could be an endless beach of fortunes and treasures troves,
Or, it could be a lonely island with visitors…only doves.

It could be a dense jungle, with beasts prowling by,
Or, it could be rising citadel with limits only the sky.

It could be witches chamber where spells are cast on you,
Or it could be helping hand, guiding you all the way through.

It could be a beauty’s touch, your passions all increase,
Or it could be a saint’s blessing your lust for the world decrease.

It could be the urge inside, where you sacrifice everything for your motherland,
Or it can be religious fanatism where you die for a piece of land.

Whatever time you have, it passes by day and night,
And it’s better to use it the way that you think its right.

And make a name in whatever way, with the passing of every day,
For time shall cease and your soul will find release,

And then you move on to the next world’s way!!!

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