My Way…

006I am not a star. There is no halo around my head. Fate does not like the color of my eyes.

Struggle and strife are good friends of mine.

Who am I?

I am survival. I am guts. I am pride. I like odds. Especially when they are stacked against me.

Because there will come a time when I will stare them in the eye…

…and smile the smile of someone who has pulled it off.

I will be the guy who will have deep lines on  his face someday. And it will make me look good when I laugh.

Because that is the day when I will fear no fear. And, taste the sweat that is sweet.

And, look back for the very first time and say…

…I did it my way.

The long hard way.

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Technologist,by profession. Principled,by nature. Nonconformist,by choice. Thinker,by habit. Corporate Slave,by force. Dreamer,by desire. Seeker,by destiny.