Perpetual Prozac

Sometimes pain can take you to the edge of numbness which is good feeling by itself”¦. you know the pain is there but you don”™t feel it”¦like being on perpetual Prozac.

Life is strange..well who doesn”™t know that? But at times I just don”™t know why things happen the way they happen. Coincidence”¦”¦maybe?? But personally I don”™t believe in this. It”™s the Law of karma.

I guess a sharp memory is good ”¦as long as one is in high school!!! After that it”™s a bane.

Has anyone had this strange feeling that when you stand a certain place and you can see all the past activities that you have been involved in at that particular place happen again around you. As if you are silent spectator of this 3D movie in which you are the central character. I had that feeling today when I stood out on the terrace tonight, I saw (or I think I saw) all those past events happen again.

I wanted to reach out and touch those near and dear ones, reach out and talk to them. Tell them all that I couldn”™t say the first time. But then one of the other effects of Prozac is delayed response. And here in lies the Kundalini Crisis!!!

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