The Indian Renaissance Social Enterprise

Demographic dividends, improved literacy, and economic prosperity fueled by broader global thinking, propensity to take risks, desire to hustle, and ability to innovate are going to transform India beyond recognition grabbing the world”™s attention.

This progress, often seen in the context of last few decades, should instead be seen in the backdrop of centuries of Indian civilization. As through ages, India has remained anchored to its culture, tenets, and this resurgence must also be attributed to said moorings which it kept intact over time. These traditions, ways of doing things, principles, and ideals collectively called Indian Ethos have become emblematic of India”™s culture, work habits, economics, policies, and even politics.

Indian ethos is viewed through monochromatic lenses that did not even attempt to understand how the fortunes of many social or business enterprise depended on an acute awareness of underlying complexities and application of insights derived from them. As a result of this misunderstanding, the various shades, and undercurrents of socio-political-economic activity which the country is constantly brimming are often missed. It also leads to great consternation because many view India as a nation that dared to deviate from established norms and tried-and-tested business models. And yet, the country defies odds and charges on, driven by deeper fundamentals that transcend its famed diversity bound together as one composite system.

A strong narrative of Indian Ethos and their systematic practical applications is the need of the hour. It will put Indian history in its right perspective. And explore a range of ideas and their practical applications that manifest core philosophies and values of Indian civilization that contain deeper visions, insights, and codifies the famed Indian wisdom.

More focus should be put into establishing bodies or organizations to restore, document, promote and implement the ancient yet timeless narrative of Indian Civilization. Researching this elusive Indianness which like a connective tissue binds the bones and muscles of the India and documenting its application albeit unconsciously by Indians in their daily lives can reveal a goldmine of innovative approaches.

Such focused institutions should attempt to not only be a thought-shaping thinktank but also a hyper-value acceleration platform. In their academic avatar, they must explore the underpinnings of Indian Ethos which exhibit the value systems, core philosophies enshrined in Indian culture. And as a hyper-value acceleration platform, they should attempt to apply insights thus generated by working with organizations on an outcome-oriented approach to achieve desired socio-economic goals.

Traditionally, best practices are defined in the context of western school of thought. Our India-Oriented bodies”™ objective should be to bring forth knowledge and approaches of doing business, executing social activities via application of Indian Ethos. Thus, codifying “next practices” which may not conform to the western view and yet have proven themselves useful. This synthesis of Indian Ethos with business accomplishments, scientific achievements, and modernity would the prime product of such an organized renaissance. 

Yadishi bhavana yasya siddhi bhavati tadrishi“: As we think so we achieve and so we become. Indian Ethos recommends the constant replenishment of the source from where one collects thus ensuring sustainability. Additionally, the vehicles of renaissance must help create entrepreneurial mindset, enlightened leadership, and intellectual self-reliance. Focusing on areas such as Design, Environment, Agri-tech, Sustainability, Social Studies, Skill development, and Architecture, it must aim to become the crucible of horizontal capabilities from a cross-section of experts with deep expertise in specialized sectors.

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