The river flowed silently…

Once heard this Johnny Cash number, “You are my sunshine”.  Wrote a poem using those lines, just with a different twist.

Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust; Dear look into my eyes and you’ll know whom to trust 

If love was something that money could buy, the rich would have lived and the poor would have died

Don’t leave me like this, don’t go I pray, don’t break my heart that’s all I say,

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine; you make me happy when skies are gray

I felt my heart breaking, I felt myself sway; but love wasn’t coming to, at least not this way.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, the metal burns or the metal rust;  I’ll love you always, but go I must

Allow me to go, allow me if you may; nothing is solid, nothing eternally can stay,

And I turned around and walked away.

My grief was great, my pain profound; I saw all my dreams being dashed to the ground,

I fought my tears, I fought valiantly; but just as life has it, the river flowed silently.

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